Lucy Ewing

Daughter of Gary and Val Ewing but raised by her grandparents, Jock and Ellie. As a teenager, Lucy was always getting into trouble and despised J.R. because he forced her parents off Southfork.

John Ross “Jock” Ewing, Sr.

Father of four sons, J.R., Gary, and Bobby Ewing and also Ray Krebbs. Jock built Ewing Oil into one of the largest oil companies in Dallas. Jock was killed in a helicopter crash in South America in 1982.

Pamela Barnes Ewing

Twice married and twice divorced to Bobby Ewing, Pam is the adopted mother of Christopher and the step-daughter of “Digger” Barnes. Pam’s half brother is Cliff Barnes.

Ray Krebbs

Son of Jock and half brother of J.R., Gary and Bobby, Ray grew up working on Southfork but didn’t know he was a Ewing until he was 35. Ray eventually married Jenna Wade and raised and adopted Lucas, Bobby’s biological son.

Kristin Shepard

Sue Ellen’s conniving younger sister who notoriously shot J.R. in 1980. Unfortunately she was found dead in the Southfork pool the following year.

Gary Ewing

Middle brother of J.R. and Bobby Ewing and half brother of Ray Krebbs. Always considered the “black sheep” of the Ewing family, Gary was the estranged father of Lucy.

Miss Ellie Ewing

Matriarch of the Ewing family and one of the most-loved characters of Dallas. Miss Ellie had three sons, JR, Gary and Bobby and was married to Jock for over 40 years.

Val Ewing

Married to Gary Ewing three times but always hated by J.R. Valene or “Val” was forced off of Southfork in 1961,leaving her infant Lucy to be raised by Jock and Ms. Ellie.

Elena Ramos

Daughter of Carmen Ramos, the staff cook at Southfork, Elena grew up on the ranch with John Ross and Christopher. She fell in love with Christopher but called off their wedding due to a misunderstanding. She fled to Mexico, where John Ross confessed his love. Elena eventually dumped him after discovering his plans to take over Southfork and found her way back to Christopher. With a stake in Ewing Energies and her dream of success in the oil industry, Elena is ready to strike it big.

Bobby Ewing

Youngest Ewing brother who's the current proprietor of Southfork and the unofficial Ewing caretaker. Bobby, recovering from his fight with cancer, is married to Ann Ewing and has an adopted son, Christopher, from his previous marriage to Pamela. He'll do whatever it takes to protect his family, like supporting Christopher's alternative energy plan, Ewing Energies, helping his son prove his marriage was a fraud by tracking down the real Becky Sutter and sticking by his wife when she discovers information about her daughter who was kidnapped years ago.

Rebecca Sutter/Pamela Rebecca Barnes

The estranged wife of Christopher Ewing is actually Pamela Rebecca Barnes, the daughter of longtime Ewing enemy Cliff Barnes, Bobby's one-time brother-in-law. Sweet and compassionate Rebecca Sutter has been replaced with Pamela Rebecca, who is just as scheming and conniving as her father. Pregnant with Christopher's twins, Pamela is out to gain complete control of Ewing Energies and full custody of her babies. She and her father have vowed to take down the Ewing family, once and for all.

Christopher Ewing

The adopted son of Bobby Ewing and his first wife, Pam. Christopher fell in love with Elena while growing up together on Southfork. When she broke off their engagement, he fled to Asia to research alternative energies. He eventually fell in love with Rebecca Sutter and brought her home to marry. He discovered that his pregnant wife was lying about her identity, leading him back to Elena. He wants to prove his marriage is a fraud to gain custody of his unborn twins. He's the co-founder of Ewing Energies, and wants to put the family name back on the map and prove himself as a real Ewing.

Sue Ellen Ewing

Ex-wife of J.R. Ewing and now a powerful and influential woman in Dallas. However her days of drinking and feuding with J.R. left deep wounds in her son, John Ross, which she deeply regrets. She'll do anything to make things right for him, including bribing a medical examiner to help get John Ross off the hook for murder. But adversity only makes Sue Ellen stronger, and she will continue to keep her family first.

John Ross Ewing III

The ambitious son of J.R. and Sue Ellen Ewing. The apple didn't fall too far from the tree, as John Ross is determined to strike it rich in the oil industry and prove himself capable of stepping into his father's shoes. He believes the Ewing Oil empire will be his one day, and he'll do just about anything to make that dream come true. His world came crashing down, however, when his girlfriend, Elena, discovered his plan to take Southfork from Bobby and Christopher. He has now formed Ewing Energies with his cousin and uncle. However, John Ross ultimately wants to gain total control of the company. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

Ann Ewing

Third wife of Bobby Ewing, introduced by mutual friend Sue Ellen. Ann has a quiet strength and beauty, fitting into the Ewing lineup of lovely women who know their way around a ranch. Her first marriage to transportation executive Harris Ryland continues to haunt her today. Though Ann managed to get him on tape trying to blackmail her, her problems with him aren't quite over after she learns that Ryland was the one who kidnapped her daughter Emma over 20 years ago.

John Ross "J.R." Ewing,

Eldest Ewing brother and the scheming, ruthless CEO of Ewing Oil. After years of feuds and betrayals, J.R. lost everything in 1991. Twice divorced from Sue Ellen, J.R. has one true heir, John Ross III, who seems to be cut from the same conniving cloth as his father. Now, J.R. is determined to take over the newest Ewing venture, Ewing Energies, as well as seize control of Southfork once and for all. All this familial fighting has put a strain on his relationship with brother Bobby.

Afton Cooper

Sister to Mitch Cooper and romantically linked to both JR Ewing and Cliff Barnes. She was once JR's mistress, but eventually fell in love with Cliff and they had a daughter. It was recently revealed that Christopher’s wife Rebecca Sutter was in fact Afton’s daughter, Pamela Rebecca Barnes.

Harris Ryland

Ann Ewing’s manipulative and cunning ex-husband. Harris is a powerful Texas transportation executive whose goal in life is to ruin Ann, including anyone or anything associated with her. He's willing to use Ann's most personal secret, the disappearance of her daughter, to destroy her happiness.

Emma Brown

A sheltered, classic beauty who has lived a life of privilege while being raised by her grandmother. A world traveler since she was a toddler, Emma was taught to be poised and perfect…as well as distrustful by her father. Now living in Dallas, she hopes to discover the truth about her childhood.

Cliff Barnes

Son of “Digger” Barnes and half brother of Pamela Ewing, Cliff was always competing with J.R. for both Ewing Oil and Sue Ellen. He eventually gained control of Ewing Oil in 1991, but sold it back to Bobby and Sue Ellen in 1996. Now with the help of his daughter, Pamela Rebecca Barnes, Cliff will stop at nothing to take down the Ewing family for good.

Andres "Drew" Ramos

Elena's troubled brother, who returns to Southfork to continue drilling on his father’s land. "Drew" witnessed his father's death on a rig and became an angry delinquent because of it. He chose the Army over jail and has spent the last 10 years learning how to run every piece of equipment on a drilling rig. Drew wants to avenge his father's name and find his share of oil on Southfork.